100% Protection & Safety

Noaks Bags protect your valuables. Always & anywhere.
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Dry Bags for any occasion

Noaks protective covers are 100% waterproof and available in 5 handy sizes. Your valuables are reliably protected.
No matter where you are and what you are doing.

Ultra light & reliable. Noaks waterproof dry bags protect your equipment against dust, humidity and dirt.


Protect your equipment while enjoying your favourite sports.


During your vacation at the beach - smartphone, tablet, car keys - everything is safely protected by the Noaks Bags - Dry Bags for your trip.


Store your documents safely. Bring your electronic devices to the beach.


Stay relaxed - even in the rain. Your smart phone is safe inside Noaks protective covers - 100 % waterproof.


Enjoy the outdoors – in any weather.


The Noaks waterproof bags are smellproof and food safe. Perfect ZIP bags for your household.


Preserve the aroma of your herbs. Seal odours away.


Smart protection

Noaks Bags were designed with the greatest practical use in mind.
The perfdect Dry Bags.

Noaks Bags are extremely ligh, robust and 100 % waterproof. They are perfect dry bags for all outdoor activities - sports - vacation - beach...


Noaks Bags are perfect on the go.

Noaks Bags are perfect protective bags for your valuables. 100 % waterproof.


Noaks Dry Bags are completely waterproof.

Smartphone, cellphone, Tablet & ereader can be used without any problems inside a Noaks protective bag. Waterproof, reliable, for touch screens.

Touch screens

All touch screens remain fully usable inside the Noaks Bag.

Noaks Dry Bags are completey waterproof, odour proof and air tight. 5 handy sizes.


Noaks Bags are available in 5 useful sizes.

Solutions for your company

Noaks Bags offer the highest possible protection for sensitive technology and important documents.
Placing your company logo on Noaks Bags provides you with advertisement that is both practical and effective.

Working outdoors

Noaks Bags reliably protect electronic devices, fine tools and documentations from water, dust and dirt.

The protective covers are waterproof according to industry standard IPX8.

Custom print

Place your own logo on Noaks Bags to use them as advertisement or sell them under your own brand.

Heavy Duty

When conventional methods fail, you can rely on Noaks Bags.

Noaks Bags are safe, resilient and durable.

Dry Bag for your favourite sport.
Protect your valuables & equipment during holidays.
100 % waterproof. By on the safe side in any weather.
Noaks Bag - reliable, durable and food safe. Keep odours inside.

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Noaks protective covers are 100 % waterproof. Sport, outdoor activities, travelling and at the beach.

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