Product Information

Heavy-duty Bag

A Noaks bag is designed to reliably protect its content – even under the most adverse conditions. You’ll find a description of its key technical properties below.


Reclosable seal

A specially designed rigid double-lipped closure provides complete protection.




Quality workmanship and extra strong welds provide superior safety.




Composite material made of nylon and polyethylene equals maximum durability.

Noaks Bags are extremely resilient due to its strong weld, the hermetic seal and high grade workmanship. A perfect dry bag.

Waterproof up to 10 meters | Information

Closure and material of Noaks Bags were designed to withstand high pressure. These technical properties were tested according to official standards.


Tabelle & Übersicht Schutzklassen IP. IPX8. DIN EN 60529 / ISO 20653:2013. Übersicht zu wasserdicht, staubdicht, Regen, Wasserschutz. Noaks Bag. Informationen und Erklärung. Labor Test.

IP protection classes

The IP protection class classifies and rates the degree of waterproofness of containers. It is determined according to norm DIN EN 60529 : 2000-09 and provides a direct and objective comparison between different products. The first digit indicates the level of protection that the enclosure provides against the ingress of solid foreign objects, the second the level of waterproofness. If one of the digits is not declared, it is replaced with the letter X.

For Noaks Bags, waterproofness is particularly important. At level IPX8,  content is protected for at least 2 hours up to a maximum water depth of 10 meters. More information about the levels of protection can be found on Wikipedia.

Laboratory test

The protective covers were tested according to official industrial standard by an accredited laboratory for environment simulation. The bags were filled with small steel balls and immersed in autoclave with 1 bar overload pressure, which equates to 10 metres water depth. Afterwards they were examined with regard to entered water.

Noaks Bags werden vom akkreditierten Labor darauf getestet, ob sie wasserdicht sind. Die Beutel weisen die Schutzklasse IPX8 auf.

Noaks Bags are better

The protective covers were designed to provide maximum security in any situation.

Noaks Bag protective covers. 100 % waterproof accorsing to industrial standard IPX8.


Noaks Bags are completely waterproof – confirmed by official  laboratory tests.

Noaks covers for mobiles / cellphones / smartphones. Use your touch screen without restriction.

Touch Screens

All touch screens remain fully usable inside the Noaks Bag.

Noaks bags are food safe. Confirmed by an official laboratory test.


Noaks Bags are foodsafe – confirmed by official laboratory tests.

Versatile Bags | Foodsafe

Noaks Bags are made from material that allows for foods to be safely stored inside. Food safety is laboratory confirmed. Information on food safety.

Noaks Bags are food safe - officially confirmed by DEKRA. No liquid and no smell can penetrate the sea. Suitable for freezing.

When it comes to food, the motto has to be “safety first”. Objects that come into contact with food have to be tested elaborately. These tests are done according to EU norm 1935/2004 of directive 2002/72/EG in conjunction with norm 10/2011. The material is put into different solutions for a certain period of time. Afterwards it is determined whether harmful substances have migrated. Noaks Bags have been tested by an accredited laboratory and were found to be foodsafe.

Protective cover for touch screens

Special composite material allows for smartphone and tablet touch screens to be used inside the bags without problem.

Touch screens found in modern mobile phones, smart phones, and tablets function according to the so-called PCT principle (projected capacitive touch). Two layers with conductive patterns are put on top of each other and exposed to alternating current. When the screen is touched by a conductive substance (e.g. your finger), the electric capacitance changes minutely, allowing for the touch location to be determined. Since Noaks bags consist of conductive material as well, touch screens such as smartphones, tablets etc. can still be used while inside the protective cover. With most models this works even underwater!

Touch screens of mobile, smartphone, tablet, ereader can be used inside a Noaks bag without problem.

Any more questions?


Here you find the most frequently asked questions and further information about Noaks Bags.

How long do Noaks Bags last?

Noaks Bags are designed to last as long as possible.  Waterproofness has been confirmed in the laboratory even after opening and closing the bag a hundred times.

Naturally, the exact lifespan of a Noaks Bag depends on how you use it. Frequent bending and closing will shorten its lifespan. When used for permament storage, the bag will practically last forever.

How do I test whether my Noaks Bag is still completely waterproof?

You can test the seal of the bag by submerging it in a container of water and squeezing it. If air bubbles emerge, please use a new bag.

How do I close the bags correctly ?

1. Fill the bag up to the mark and push out excess air.
2. Close the bag by pressing the seal from one side to the other with thumb and forefinger. Repeat the procedure and test the seal for smoothness.
3. Open the bag by pulling the seal carefully apart from the middle.

What material are Noaks Bags made of?

Noaks Bags are made of a high-quality composite material with a thickness of 100mµ which consists of LDPE (Low-density polyethylene) and nylon. This makes Noaks Bags exceptionally robust and durable. Noaks Bags are recyclable.

Are Noaks Bags really water- and leakproof?

Yes, Noaks Bags are waterproof for 2 hours in a depth of up to 10 m. This was confirmed by an accredited laboraty for environmental simulation according to the official norm DIN EN 60529. This gives Noaks Bags the industrial standard IPX8.

What do I have to keep in mind when storing electronic devices inside a Noaks Bag?

Always check the Noaks Bag’s seal by submerging it in water – especially if it has already been used  for a while. If the test is successful and you close the bag correctly, you can safely store your electronic devices in the Noaks Bag. Please note that for legal reasons, Noaks cannot assume liability for items stored in the bag.

Can touch screens be used inside the bag?

Yes, touch screens remain fully usable – in most cases even underwater.

Can I use my smartphone for calls while inside the bag?

Yes, your smartphone can be used inside the bag. The bag will also dramatically reduce wind noise.

Can food be stored in Noaks Bags?

Yes, food safety has been tested and approved by an renowned German institute according to the relevant EU-Norms.

Can Noaks Bags be used in the freezer?

Yes, Noaks Bags allow space-saving freezing and also prevent freezer burn. Noaks Bags are leakproof.

Can the Bags print be personalized?

Yes, custom prints are available for business clients. The minimum quantity for custom orders is 5,000 bags.

Are Noaks Bags patented?

Yes. Please contact us for individual sizes and custom prints. We will be glad to provide you with a quote.

Other questions?

Please contact us if you have further questions or suggestions! We will be happy to answer. Frequently asked questions are added to the FAQ section, so you are also helping others with your questions.