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Become a retail dealer

Become an official business partner and include Noaks Bags in your product line. Offer 100% protection for your customers’ equipment.
The applications for these waterproof protective bags are as diverse as your customers.

Become an official business partner. 100 % waterproof dry bags. Fast registration and delivery.


Shipped within
24 hours.

As official business partner we provide proffessional image and marketing material. Optimized for web applications.


Free images and
informational material.

Premium support for our business partner. We give competent and reliable information on our products.


Competent and reliable
product support.

Good prices for our retail and wholesale partner. No shipping fee. Earn money with Noaks protective covers.

Competitive pricing

Well-established product.
Attractive bulk prices.

Customized design

Impress your customers with Noaks Bags featuring your own logo. Emphasise your brand image with this high-quality product. You can even distribute the bags under your own brand name.



The imprint is placed between the composite material, making it indestructible. Multicolor print is possible.



Customized printing is available for orders of 5,000 pieces and more. Attractive pricing.



Noaks Bags are suitable for advertising in all kinds of industries and businesses. Let yourself be inspired.

When it gets dirty

When it matters.

When you can't leave anything to chance.

The right protective cover for your special business

Use Noaks Bags whenever reliability and durability as well as outstanding technical properties are essential.  They are the perfect protection against moisture, dirt and dust.

In addition to customized printing, we also offer custom sizes.


Noaks protective covers are perfect for your business. Store evidencs, artefacts & samples.

Robust & durable

Safe storage of samples, artefacts, evidence.

Protects your equipment when it gets dirty. Construction site, outdoor for electronic devices, computer, smartphone & tablet.

Dust- & waterproof

Protection for sensitive equipment while working outdoors.

Noaks dry bags are reliable, durable and safe. High quality bags for every situation.

Reliable & safe

Quality you can count on in any situation.