Test your limits.

Climb the highest mountain.

Defy the elements.

Protective cover for your electronic devices

Noaks Dry Bags allow you to focus on your goals. Our protective bags keep your smartphone, tablet and other devices safe from the elements – whether it’s water, dirt or dust.

A protective cover from Noaks is absolutely waterproof, light & safe

Touch Screen

The protective bag’s special composite material allows touch screens to remain fully usable.


On the phone

During calls, your smartphone remains in the bag. Wind noise is severely reduced.



Noaks Bags are 100% waterproof & ideal protective covers.
Information (IPX8 – 10 m, 2 h).

Go on adventures.

Enjoy sightseeing.

Relax on the beach.

A must for your packing list

Noaks Bags are the ideal protective bags for important documents and crucial equipment. Be prepared for any weather and any situation – whether storm, rain, snow, mud or sand.

Dry Bags from Noaks - absolutely waterproof and safe. Leak-proof. For Shampoo, soap, body lotion, sunscreen, perfume, liquids


Use Noaks Bags as your washbag to protect your belongings from leaking shampoo or cosmetics.

Protective Cover from Noaks. 100% waterproof. Perfect protection for documents.


Use Noaks Bags as a document or file folder to protect your important travel documents from moisture and dirt.

Protect your mobile, tablet & camaera against, rain, moisture, water, dust & sand. For travelling.

Electronic devices

The protective bag safely stores your electronic devices.
At the beach as well as in the rainforest.

Noaks bags are not only water-proof. They also keep smell inside. Perfect for the storage of socks, underwear and wet clothes.


Use Noaks Bags as odor-proof laundry bag, or to stow wet bathing clothes.

Enjoy nature.

As a duo.

With friends.


Your travel companion | Dry Bags

Noaks Bags are versatile and resilient. The perfect Dry Bags for all outdoor activities.



Noaks Bags are made from a strong, durable composite material with an extra solid weld.



Store anything that needs to be kept dry and clean in Noaks Bags – the possibilities are limitless.



Thanks to their durability, Noaks Bags can be reused countless times. Good news for the environment.

Water-proof, robust, versatile, reusable. Noaks Dray bags & protective covers for all outdoor activitites.

Perfect flavor.

Do it yourself.

Anytime, anywhere.

The perfect bags for your home

Noaks Bags have many perfect uses in your home. They are robust, durable and safe – even for your craziest household and home improvement projects.

Noaks bags are odour-proof. Smell stays inside.


Flavors are preserved and odours safely sealed in.

Noaks Bags are food safe.

Food safe

Tested for food safety according to EU standards.

Waterproof dry bag. Available in 5 useful sizes.

Size & capacity

The ideal Bag for any purpose, in 5 handy sizes.

Noaks dry bags are 100% waterproof. Confirmed by an independent laboratory.


Completely waterproof.